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Friday, November 25, 2005


*blink blink* Hey where am I? Ouch my back hurts-WHERE IS MY LIGHTSABER?! I lost it? Oh now I remember that I was bathing and heard a strange noise and... I fainted!? So what'd happened? *curious*

Well now I can only see nothing, absolutely nothing, except the complete darkness. There is even no any light! So where it can be? Oh-wait, someone's coming, I'd better pretended to be unconscious... * 'fainted' *

A man came in ... Isn't him the bounty hunter I got to arrest? Oh no... *frown* It seems that he got no weapon and it's so dark that he probably cannot see me if I am quiet enough...this maybe the only chance to attack him before I was attacked. *jump up and rush to the bounty hunter*

Oh no, he turned to me so quickly just like he knew already that I'm going to attack him. I can only feel that I was attacked from the back and ...

Friday, November 11, 2005

holo diary 9-wait...

Mmmm....A delightful bubble bath is exactly what i need now. I take off my robe and leggings and step into the bath tub full of pink bubbles(When did I start to like pink?).Of course,I take my holo-pad with me.Let me see...Here's it.The information of the bounty hunter.He has done many serious crime before.Everytime he attacks before the victim know himself is the victim.He's not an easy guy.*frown*Oh this is so boring.What can I do with these words?Hello i'm not playing crossword!Can someone please at least say,'Do you want me to help'?Where has the jedi council gone? 'The Force you should follow and the truth you will find.'I have heard this no less than 10000 times.But the Force can't catch the bounty hunter for me!

Wait.I hear someone.Oh I better go out and take a look.Here's my bath robe.Maybe I should wear my leggings too.

Hello?Anyone here?Mmm it's strange.I've got a bad feeling about this.Hey who are you?Why are you-WAIT-

connection broken............

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

holo diary 9-back

so after a few struggles,i come back to the resort on Ansion. i need to take some rest first before i can do anything. i feel dizzy and slow. may be i didn't meditate enough these days. *sigh* sometime it's really lonely to be a jedi. sometimes i wonder how master yoda managed to go through these long,long 800 years.*evil grin*mmm...there must be some secret inside. this little green er...jedi master is really mysterious.

oh i have no time for these silly thoughts. i need to take a bath with the spa product and plan the next movement. *sigh* it is my only entertainment now. poor me.