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Friday, October 28, 2005

holo diary 8-...........

quinlan is----disappointing. and i just CAN'T work with him. i've got to go back to Coruscant on my self. i need the council's opinions(just master yoda's i mean). i have prepared my speeder and i'm packing now. i need to leave this nasty place. i need to escape from the shadow of the memory. bad ones. i lost my love here. and i don't want to lost anything else. i just got a bad feeling about this. i'm going to find the real hunter on my own. yes,ON MY OWN. clear?

i miss you foka. ferus stops you cheeto marathon,obi the same,katt begin your book marathon and anakin,er,just don't do anything. love you all.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

holo diary 7-no way!


it''s just a normal woman with wide eyes!staring at us!frightened!

q:*smile*i'm so sorry.this is my er... friend.she has some problem of her brain you know.*smile* guys frightened me!you look like jedi and...
q:oh yes we are playing the 'who-is-the-hero' game.stupid girl likes this, you know.*wink*
w:*giggle*the exit is at that way. the way, you have nice skin.*wink*

so i was dragged out by quinlan as a mentally disorder girl. i am so angry that as soon as we got out,i pushed quinlan against the wall and pinned him on it.

s:problem in the brain eh?so i look that stupid?
q:if not, you won't get the wrong one.*giggle*
s:funny eh?you agree with me too!you support my plan!you said it would work!didn't you?
q:*roll eyes*silly.
s:......................okay then,we'll split up.

i released him and ran to my are all the same.


Friday, October 14, 2005

the mission impossible

after a week of tracking and researching,i and quinlan finally found out the whole thing about the bounty hunter.there is a secret conference of political leaders from the other worlds and the bounty hunter is going to blow up the conference and kill the government officials.his intention isn't known yet.isn't that horrible?i just can't believe that someone can do this.blowing up people and things.i feel so good being a jedi*nod*.
anyway,we prepared a wonderful plan(i told you quinlan is very smart*giggle*)and it's called the 'mission impossible that is possible'.it's a bit clumsy so i'll call it 'the mission impossible'.and there we go to the mission impossible...

s:are you ready?
q:nonono i should be asking you this.
s:*giggle*stupid.let's get going.

after 3 hours of flying in the hyperspace,we finally reach the little planet called 'ninime'.i've got a bad feeling about this.the name,i mean.

s:so we've arrived on ninime.
q:i don't need you to tell me that.
s:shut up.we're on a mission.
q:i don't need you to tell me that too.
s:*wide eyes*

so we run to the nearest building,which is the government tower,and go in secretly.there is only one way to go in secretly-by the drainage's not a nice experience,i can tell you. after 5 minutes of crawling,we see some light in's the conference room.and i see our target.

s:*whisper*that white.i count to 3 and we jump on him together,okay?

we jump and push him on the floor-no!he is a 'she'!wait...i've seen her before...WHAT?


Thursday, October 13, 2005


wow i am tagged by ani!so here is it:

10 years ago i was...
1)a jedi knight
2)without ferus but had katt
3)and ob-nevermind.

5 years ago i was...
1)a jedi master!
2)with ferus

1 year ago i was...
1)change my hairstyle
2)killing bounty hunters
3)still the rock climbing champion

yesterday i was...
3)packing for mission

5 snacks I enjoy the most...
2)jinny brownies
5)palp's oreo

5 songs I know all the words to...
1)cheesy cheetos
2)we are the champion
3)rocky road
4)jedi on sith
5)love is blinding

5 ideal places for running away to...
1)master adi's house
2)obi's house(because no one dare to go in)
4)in my speeder

5 items you will never see me wear...
1)only undie
2)mini skirt
*i am glad i'm already a jedi master so master yoda won't tell me to wear t-back in the see-through for my trial*

5 biggest joys in my life...
1)have foka
2)have master yoda
3)being a jedi master
4)had a lover
5)being a girl

3 favorite toys...
*i'm a little bit violent,aren't i?*

so how's it?

Sunday, October 02, 2005

holo diary 6-oh no.

dear mr. diary,
oh no.oh no.what have i done?why is my life so hard?why love never goes smoothly?why?tell me why.WHY!?
tonight i had my secret meeting with Quinlan Vos.after we have exchanged our information,Quinlan Vos suggested(damn this damnable suggestion!)practising our lightsaber move.i said okay(damnable okay!)and we started.we had fun.yeah we HAD's a long time since my last practice with Quinlan Vos and i really missed it.we did our best and of course,i won.i threw his lightsaber away with force.Quinlan Vos ended up laying on the floor and i stood on him.i deactive my lightsaber and grinned.then,that damnable Quinlan Vos kicked my leg and i fell on him.right ON him. we did that a lot when we were padawans,so we hugged and laughed and felt nothing that damnable time,typho rushed in(that damnable door lock!)and shouted 'siri i've got-'and freezed.then i know something went wrong.TOTALLY wrong.typho ran away with wide eyes and i chased after him.i've never run so fast.not even kenobi and ferus were in danger.but he had disappeared into the dark.forever,forever and ever......