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Friday, September 30, 2005

holo diary 5-Quinlan Vos

something is troubling me these days.master yoda says i've had too many holidays,but am i really on holiday?i don't think so.

a few days earlier i met Quinlan Vos ,who has been my friend since we were padawan, while rock-climbing with typho.i am surprised to see him there,honestly.and he burst out laughing when he saw typho.with me.he should be on a mission on Alsalam.why is he here?and rock climbing!we pretended not knowing each other since typho is here.he might be on a secret mission that others cannot know and also,man is man.i left him a slip and asked him to go to my hotel room that night.

everything has a reason.not sleeping with tyho in the same room has a reason too.serval reason,i mean.the most important one is because i am on a half-holiday mission.there's job i need to do and i need some privacy.

he arrived on time.and we sat on my bed and talked.he told me that actually he was after a bounty hunter.after a while,i realised that was the bounty hunter i'm after on my last we decided to do it together this sounds exciting eh?espically with Quinlan Vos who is smart,funny,strong,gentle,generous,and what else?let me yes cute,friendly.......................

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

holo diary 4-delicious spa

hi and i'm writing(actually 'thinking') this diary at the spa place with a high-tec device called 'brain-handed'(i know it's stupid,thank you very much.).this place is soooo nice and i want to live in here forever!of course,with my dear typho!
oh here comes the lab guy-what?mok cha?is that a name?nevermind then.what a questionnaire about my elements?oh i can tell you my element is flesh and bone.*nod*not that kind of element?okay here it goes...
finished.mine is wood and typho is wood+water.strange eh?i bet ani is metal.
oh it's time to choose my treatment.Vichy shower?what-what?pressure washing?!no thanks i can get it freely from master yoda.let me see...yes!i'll have this-carrot and sesame treatment!it sounds nice eh?why are you giggling typho?what are you thinking about?nothing?don't ever try to lie to me okay?you won't succeed.hey hey what-WHAT?typho is watching me?wh-DOING THE MASSAGE?HELLO?oh no...

Friday, September 23, 2005

a holo message to foka

hi and i know you guys are wondering who is foka.yeah you are right(except kenobi of course)!foka is-or i should say are-ferus,obi,katt,and's a easiser name for me since you four stick together ALL the time.
so what are you doing eh?finishing 100 bags of cheetos a day?or more?and ferus please don't call me every 2 minutes,okay?it kinda annoyed typho(and i know your intention of doing this).and ani please keep an eye on ferus.DO NOT let kenobi teach him something-weird.katt please spend some time on studying.remember 10 days in library?it will do you much good.*nod*and a final word to kenobi:don't ever try to break into my apartment.i've hidden all my credits.*evil grin*you will NEVER find them.
good night('s the same for you guys,i guess.)and may the force be with you.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

holo diary 3-spa ! do you get it? SPA!

dear mr. diary,

oh yesterday's rock climbing is sooooo fun.i just can't get enough of rock climbing!i want it every moment!even now i want rock climbing!may be it's the only thing i'm good at...anyway,typho seems to like it too!(surprised?)yeah i do hope we're going to have more rock climbing in the that okay typho?yeah i just know it is.*nod*

and today we're going to have a spa!the thing i've long for a billion years!it is so sweet of typho to give me a chance.*kiss*it's just soooooooo exciting!can you feel my excitement,mr. diary?*listen*oh you can!yeah!wait...hey do i have to take off my clothes and go in the pool with typho?oh no...

Monday, September 19, 2005

holo-diary 2

dear mr.diary,
today i'm gonna go rock climbing with typho.ROCK CLIMBING!isn't that exciting?but poor typho doesn't seem excited.i wonder why?is it rock climbing? it ME?*sigh*man is man.
katt seems to be angry with the password first i think it may be obi.but then i know it is do i know?because she said i put the password on the table!hey how can i put my password on the table?write it down on a paper and put it on a table?eww...i am not that stupid.katt,i am very disappointed this time.didn't i teach you how to make up a good lie on the first day i meet you?well you better go and meditate on this.*nod*that's it for now because i can hear typho trippng over on his clothes in the next room.bye!*kiss*

Sunday, September 18, 2005

holo-diary 1

dear mr.diary,
typho is getting naughty.he always trys to get other girls' attention.he even wants to share a room with me!isn't that strange? i don't know men well since i've only-nevermind.hey why can't i say that?*sigh*man is man.there's nothing more i can do but to enjoy my holiday.

typho is keeping a secret from is something 'excursion'.typho seems to enjoy keeping secret and i enjoy pretenting to be curious.i am a jedi and i can know that sort of 'secret' at any time i want.i do think the 'secret' thing is kinda stupid but since typho is doing it for me,i don't mind.being stupid,i mean.hope tomorrow is a better day.

p.s. obi-wan,ferus and katt i know you guys have stolen my password and you are reading my diary now.I KNOW THAT!this is the last time because i've got a new password that you-at least kenobi-cannot guess it.*evil grin*so there's a messag for you guys: katt and ferus and obi how's the pressure washing game eh?it feels good eh?did you thank master yoda?yeah i know you have,my good friends.i'm coming back soon.don't miss me!i know you won't.and don't be disappointed with my diary.don't ever expect i would write something interesting.good night!

Friday, September 16, 2005

a holo-message to katt & ferus & obi

my dearest katt & ferus & obi,
hi how are you guys?katt are you meditating everyday?ferus do you have fun with master kenobi?it seems that you are all enjoying your life very much when i am away.i am gald of that.
since i am having great fun with captain typho here,i hope you guys can have fun i have arrange an enjoyable activity for you guys with master yoda.please calm down,don't get too excited yet.(obi i know you are giggling stupidly.and ferus you are stuffed with cheetos.and katt you are reading your holo love story.)tomorrow at 2:00 pm,please go to the pressure washing room and wait for master yoda will know the surprise at that time.
doesn't that sounds fun?are you guys touched now?you guys deserve it and hope you can have a great time.bye!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

a little introduction

some of you might notice there is someone called 'padawan katt'.she is actually my school mate-joyce- who loves starwars very much.she doesn't have a photo yet but she looks cute in the real's just a little game between us and please go and have a look when you are free .thanks.

see off

as you all know, i am going on a holiday with dear ferus comes to see his master off today.

f:(running towars me)MASTER!WAIT!
s:ferus!aren't you having lesson with master skywalker?
f:yeah but i ask for leave to see you off master!
s:*touched*ohh ferus you are sooooo sweet.
f:*smile*master i'm going to miss you.
s:my padawan i will be back a good boy when i'm not here okay?
f:of course master.may...may i hug you goodbye?*teary eyes*
s:*teary too*ohhh yes of course.*hug*bye padawan!
f:hope you have a good time,master.may the force be with you!
s:you too!

so i walk away to the gateway without looking back.looking back would only make things worse.i feel sad.i am already missing ferus.then i see typho waiting at the gateway and i run into his arms with teary eyes.

t:what's wrong si?
s:oh i feel bad leaving ferus here alone.
t:he will be all right.look!he's running back to class now!

i turn back ans see ferus running to the entrance at a force speed.then a tall brown dangerous-looking shadow appears.just as i want to shout,the shadow puts his hood down and...

it is kenobi.

ferus sees kenobi and...

f:wow you are in time!
o:*stupid giggle* your troublesome master has gone and you can come to my apartment and we can watch movies and eat cheetos and drink beer all night and no one would bark at us!
f:*laugh*yeah what a wonderful world! i'm really glad i am going on holiday.with typho.and ferus,you can join the drama next year.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


oops the new post is under the 'happy master's day' post accidently.sorry for the inconvenience. :)

Monday, September 12, 2005

'happy' master's day

today at 6:00 am sharp padawan runs in(mind you,without knocking)and.........

f:it's master's day today!
s:oh is it?*rub eyes*
f:yeah!master come out and i'd like to show you something.
s:*smile*a gift may be?
f:*surprised*how do you know?
s:that's why i am your master,padawan.

so we go out and ferus picks up a well-wrapped gift in the sofa..............

s:wow t's so beautiful!
f:*grin*open it master.

so i open the gift hopefully wondering if that is a necklace or a hairband..................

s:*wide eyes*.....................ffffeerus...........wwhhhattt-
f:isn't it great?i saw you arguing with the sale woman about this broken vase and i thought,'ah tomorrow is the master's day,maybe i can stick these broken pieces back together and give it to master tachi.'.so how is it?do you like it,master?*smile*
s:.................................oh please leave me alone............................*tear*

did i do anything against the force's will?why would the force punish me like that!a broken vase!broken by my padawan!and he's now giving it to me!*half faint*nnnnnnnnnnoooooooo!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

master yoda please i need your pressure washer

after the shopping incident,padawan ferus is pretty nice now.i thought that i would have a peaceful day but force bless me,it is not.

f:MASTER MASTER MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
s:what the-
s:*giggle*padawan don't tell me it is a joke.
s:but...but if it is on fire,the bell will ring!
f:may be it is out of order!let's go and save master kenobi!

so i grab my lightsaber(i didn't realise that putting out fire doesn't need lightsaber)and run out with ferus.and ferus is right this time.there IS a lot of smoke coming out of kenobi's room.

s:obi!obi!open the door!
s(to ferus):oh no,he's fainting.go and tell the others to run for their life!i will handle this.
f:yes master!

so i continue to bang the door for 10 seconds.there is no i decide to break through the door,by force.lots of black smoke rushes right into my mouth and eyes.i choke and tear rushes out of my eyes.

s:obi!obi!*cough*where are you?
s:stupid.where is 'here'?hold on!i am coming!

i run everywhere and finally find obi in the kitchen.what surprises me is obi is standing with an apron,nothing more.

s:are you all right? whatttt....*looks around* what are you doing here?

o:oh i am making dinner.wanna try some?

what i see is a big pot of black mud which is burnt.a lot of black smoke is coming out.


o:so why are you here?

s:............................... please master yoda(i am begging you)lend me your pressure washer.i need it.very much.and typho,please calm down,there is no way i am-you know*shrug*.and ferus,please don't speak to me for two weeks.please.*sigh*

shopping day

today i plan to go shopping on myself.yes,myself. then ferus shows me his 'puppy eyes'and i say 'well whatever'and we are out on the street.before going on,i tell him to call me whatever he likes but not 'master' since we have to hide our identity.then i say to myself,'well i've got a bad feeling about this but what can i do?bless me force.'

when we arrive at the department store,ferus seems very excited.he runs around and breaks thousands of things.i find jedi mind trick really useful today.but i fail on a sales woman.

woman:excuse me madame.*stare at the mess on the floor*
s:*look around*
s:you're calling me?
w:yes madame.your err....boy breaks the vase.
s:excuse me first i am not married second this is not my boy.
w:i don't care but you have the duty to look after the boy you take with.*serious*
s:*wave hand*no i don't.
w:yes you do.
s:*surprised*errr...*wave hand again*no i don't.
w:yes you do.
s:but...but i am not his mother!why should i pay for something that a boy breaks?
w:i don't care.

at that time,my very dear padawan ferus runs towards me and...

f:mom!can you buy me this teddy?mr.windu has this too!i want one mom!*puppy eyes* are his mom.

then i grab ferus and we run out at fast as possible.that's the best way to escape a sales woman.and of course,ferus is forced to have ten more anger management lessons with mr.windu by me.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


today,padawan katt pass her trial and finally becomes a jedi knight.i am delighted and of course,proud of her performance these years as my padawan and thinking of ferus,i find out that i really miss katt.*tear*

and my dear ferus has a lesson with the 'hero with no fear' today.finally i am lucky enough to have a free afternoon with no i go to the garden to have a walk and i meet obi here.

o:hi siri long time no see how's ferus today eh and how are you today and do you want some cheetos and...
s:nice to meet you master padawan and i are fine.and i am on a diet so no cheetos for me,thanks.*serious*
o:hey you are the first one who understand my words and do not want cheetos and...
s:am i?i am glad to be the first one,master kenobi.
o:hey when do you start to call me this eh and ....
s:i always call you 'master kenobi',master kenobi.
o:oh do you because i remember you used to call me 'o-bee' and...
s:that is called by master qui-gon,master kenobi.
o:oh is that or did you call me 'obi-buddy'...
s:that is bant.
o:hey do you remember the name 'obiman'...
s:that is the younglings.and i think that's enough,master kenobi.
o:hey please don't go because i remember one about 'my benny' did you call me that...
s:...........err i have to go,master kenobi.
o.........hey how about 'master kenobi'?i remember someone calls me that.
o:oh right!hey do you want some cheetos or do you like...
s:*do a force zip*bye,master kenobi.*smile*

there's no way he 's gonna make me faint.i won't faint for him you know?it's not worthy.*nod*

Friday, September 09, 2005


no more 'joke' story.ever!really ferus is freaking me out.*sigh*i do hope i can be that bad as obi.but i can't.i must teach my padawan well.*nod*

so today i teach my padawan how to meditate.properly,i we sit on the floor of our room...

s:now padawan please do not think about any other things.just focus on your breath.
f:err...master may i ask you a question?
s:okay. *sigh*
f:master why are we sitting on the floor but not the sofa?
s:i'm sorry but i do think this is a stupid question.didn't you learn it in your first lesson?
s:let's continue,okay?
f:can i ask one more question,master?
s:okay then.*sigh*last one!
f: master why don't you take off your clothes?
f:oh i mean nothing master.i just...i just want to say master kenobi meditates with no clothes on so i just wonder if we have to take off our clothes when meditating.

so this is the 108th faint i have this week.just one more i will kill myself and join the force.i MEAN it.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


since ferus is interested in reading 'books',i take him to the temple library today.

s:padawan,feel free to walk around and choose some good books.the real one i mean.
f:yes master!*beam*

ten minutes later...

s:how is it,padawan?do you find your right book?
f:of course,master! the way,what is it?
f:oh it is called the 'the history of the jedi council'.
s:*surprised*oh padawan are you sure it is the right book?i mean,it is hard for a padawan learner to understand the book.
f:no problem at all, me.*nod*

half past twelve in the night...

i go out to the dining room.
s:*sleepy*what is it,ferus?
f:master,haha-come and take a look-haha-of this book,HAHAHA---
s:padawan you should be in bed now!
f:okay master but you must-haha-come and take a look.HAHAHA---
s:*curious*what is it?

what i see is umm...jedi council members please close your eyes first-I AM SERIOUS!

under the photo of the jedi council,there is a joke .
yes,a joke.AGAIN.

here is it:
this is the jedi great council,which members include the wisest jedi in the hyperspace .shortest,oldest,shiniest,girlishest are also included.

does anybody find it funny?master yoda?i don't know 'cause,you know,i can't laugh.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

a 'joke'

today padawan ferus come in my room with a book.i am pleased to see the boy reading a book. finally.

s:padawan ferus,what are you reading?*smile*
f:oh master i finally realise that reading is fun.i am reading 'the most funny jokes in the hyperspace you can ever read and know and it is fun'.
s:oh it really SOUNDS funny.*nod*
f:let me tell you a joke,master.
f:so where does the sith go shopping?
s:is that a joke?
f:nono it is a question.
s:you are asking me question instead of telling me a joke?*confused*
f:no the question is a part of the joke. tell me the answer.
f:oh the answer is---*giggle*------darth maul(mall)!*hahaha*isn't that funny,master?
s:is that the joke?
s:oh i understand it now.ha it is REALLY finny,padawan.haha...*fake laugh*

after ferus founds out that he can't cry,his master finds out that she can't less at a joke.

Monday, September 05, 2005

sunny sunday

it is such a great sunday and i am NOT gonna let ferus ruin i decide to watch some holo drama.i turn on the projector and see a programme called 'jinny'.it sounds like some kind of 'romantic' soap but since i have read all my shakespeares i HAVE to watch this(what a pity typho is on duty).and after about five minutes,i see something frightening.yeah the 'hero with no fear' will find it scary too.take a look:

hey she(he?) looks like someone we know...who is she(he?)?ohoh ferus is coming back and i am not letting he see it.*cover up the computer*bye!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

now don't be ridiculous...

today padawan ferus rush into my bedroom in the morning,looking excited.

f:GOOD MORNING MASTER!*wide smile* too,padawan.but please let me get dressed,okay?
f:SURE,MASTER!(stand still)
s:err...ferus please give me some privacy.
i get changed quickly and go out to the dinning room.
s:so you look excited today,ferus.
s:oh!hope you will enjoy it.
s:sure,padawan.i am always willing to teach you new things.but please speak softer,okay?
f:SURE,MASTER!oh...sorry...*giggle*master,can you teach me how to be a good kisser?

Friday, September 02, 2005

excuse me?!

padawan ferus seems very emotional today so i go forward to see if he comes over some problems.

s:what is it,ferus?*concerned*
f:*sob*nothing master.
s:obviously it is not 'nothing'.tell me,i am your best friend,you remember?*smile*
f:errr...right.i want to be a true man,master.
s:you ARE a true man,padawan.why do you say so?
f:today i have a lesson with master window and i suddenly realise that i am not a true feels horrible,master.*sob on my shoulder,i know it's gross,but...nevermind.*
f:master window(wrong again,padawan!)said,"a true man CRIES!"and he cries for us immediately!i try to cry but i can' i...CRY!

can someone explain it to me?hey kenobi,does ani cry because he can't cry after the lesson?oh i DO think there is some sort of age gap between my padawan and i.*sigh*

Thursday, September 01, 2005


today padawan ferus has a lesson with kenobi.i don't know what happened but ferus looks scared after the i decide to ask him why.

s:how is your day,padawan ferus?*smile & hug*
f:*look at me with wide eyes*errr it is fine,master tachi.
ferus runs away immediately.i use the force to grab him back.
s:what happened padawan ferus?did master kenobi tell you something horrible?'s just.....he tells me about his childhood*scared*
s:what did he say?
f:nonono you don't want to know,master.
i wave my hand to do a mind trick
s:you will tell me.
f:i will tell you.*nod*
s:okay you may start.*cross my arms*
f:master kenobi said he had a horrible childhood.he had to practise lightsaber with you and he lose everytime.
s:*giggle*that's true.
f:and he said you pull his hair shouted at him everyday.
f:there is more,master. he said you had a crush on..... master yoda.
s:*eyeballs pop out*WHATTTTTTTTT??????
f:umm...yes master this is what master kenobi said.
s:that is nonsense!*innocent*
f:oh is it?*confused*
s:okay master will tell you the you want to know?*evil smile*
f:*eyes shine with interest*YES!
f:OHHHH!!!!!!!!*laugh to death*

kenobi don't think my IQ is the same as yours,okay?my faithful padawan won't listen to your rubbish.*smile proudly*