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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

new school year!

wow now the jedi holiday is over and i am gonna start teaching again*tears*.my padawan, ferus olin,is being naughty today.

'master tachi,why do i have to practise my lightsaber skills again?why do i have to go to mace-no,master window's class again?it is girlie!and why-'

'now my padawan,the first thing i want to teach you today is master windu's is mace windu,okay?and the second thing is the lightsaber skills are very important to every jedi and you can use them to save other people.understand?'

'yes master but master kenobi doesn't need to practise and he told me everything master window-no,windu says is rubbish.'

'er first what master windu said is not is just...nevermind it is kinda rubbish...and secondly master kenobi is a master.he knows what is appropiate for him to do and-'

'but master tachi he walks in the jedi temple in his undies which you said is impolite!'

'yes i know...master kenobi is a special case okay?he has some...problem so he is not himself these days.he is good in the past!'*fake smile*

'and master can a have a girl friend because i feel a bit boring living'

'padawan ferus,first i am absolutely not boring and jedi should not have attachment.clear?' *angry*

'but master you have mr.typho-'

that's the end of our conversation and ferus is very good now because a use the force to zip his mouth.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

palm reading with typho 2


'you have a wife?why don't you tell me?'
'but...but i have never had any wife!believe me,si.'*look serious*
'let me see...did i get something wrong?no...i am right!you DO have a wife,typho.don't fool me anymore.i know it.'*look sad*
typho looks down and suddenly shouts-
'i know what happened!yes i do have a wife and you will LOVE her,si.'*nod*
'what?i would LOVE your WIFE?who do you think i am eh?a silly girl?'*extremely angry*
'calm down and listen to me si.i have a doggie called "wifey".surprised?'
'a dog? typho is that real?i mean... no one would call his dog "wifey"! '*suspicious*
'oh "wifey" means "lovely" in a language called "Kassiacup" which is from a planet called...'
*giggle*'oh i understand now.and may i meet your wife now?'
'sure,wifey si.'
and so that is the end of the palm reading with typho story. typho and siri live happily ever after.and of course with 'wifey' too.

how is it eh?(okay i know it is kinda stupid but isn't that sweet?)and actually Wifey (doesn't look wifey.)is err...'s a photo of her:

typho i didn't mean that!*runs away*

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

palm reading with typho

so as you know,typho invites me to his apartment and have a romantic night together.we drank champagne and ate strawberries and massaged each other and...*wave my hand*you don't want to know what REALLY happen next.*all repeat**nod*

what happen next is fun.typho suddenly remember my palm reading thing and ask,'hey can you give me a palm read?i mean,can you see my future?can we be together forever?can we---'
'okay.*smiles*let me see...'
typho takes his handsome hand out.
' have a perfect health line so you will live a long life.'
'wow!what about the others?'
typho is excited.
'The light and wavy quality of your head line,you don't always think about things in much depth, and sometimes you may have problems concentrating on more than one thing at a time.'
'oh yes i am!'
typho nod nod and nod...
'let's see your heart line...your chained heart line is an indication that your life is sometimes bothered by emotional tensions.and wait...'
siri looks up doubtfully...
'what's the matter?'
'it shows that you will meet a gorgeous jedi and leave your wife for her! let's say if i am the "gorgeous jedi"then you...have a wife already?what is it all about?'
typho looks surprised and looks down and...


*and thanks typho for this cute pic!*

Sunday, August 21, 2005

top confidentiality

as i have said to typho,i have foreseen my death.actually you can foreseen yours too!(am i too excited?)just go to the jedi library and go into the 'top confidentiality' column and search for a book called 'death foreseeing is fun'.then look for the page that fit your gender,job,birthday and...i forget.and since only great jedi master with height over 1.75m can go into the 'top confidentiality' column and reach the book,i listed your death below for your the result correct?i must admit it is correct because qui's result is 'get killed by a red-and-black tattooed guy'.believe it or not!

let's start with master yoda.oh only two words:
'too old'

then my typho:
'die in dreaming(of a beautiful lady)' mmm i wonder who she is...

'chocked by crayon' it's obvious.

'cry too much' true.

'suffocated when rapping' well...

'problem of pigment' ew...

'faint when lap-dancing' who is that guy?

'chocked because he jumps when drinking jawa juice' stand still!

'pass out when kissing his sister' what a pity...

'chocked by chewie's hair' chewie's a murder!

'chew himself' gross!

'frightened to death when she sees jar jar in her golden bikini' i would die if i see that.

'use too many lightsabers and cut himself into pieces because of that' wow...

'die when trying on a Gucci shirt which is too tight' i know it!

'stuffed with oreos' avoid oreos,palp

'the headdress is too heavy and it breaks her neck' oh no!

jar jar:
'can't pull his head out of a jar' jar jar in a jar...

'something to do with beru.' mmm...strange...

'drink poisoned tea and die' is that mace's herbal tea?

'killed by a patient with a teddy' ani!

'kiss underwater and suffocated' poor guy!

'can not accept being called as Mummy and kill herself' no mummy!

'tattooed too much' and?

'scared to death by a ghost' qui?

'something to do with yoda' oh no!

'same as padme' ha!

well how's it?

Saturday, August 20, 2005

a little gift

well everything is fine again.i love you typho!*kiss*

what i have today is a little gift for my dear friends.take a look:

yeah a lego typho!(isn't he handsome?)and...

oola!(it is SAID to be oola,which i don't agree with.i think it is lola)and...

our dear master yoda!(which is a little greener.may be he eats too many veggies)and of course...

lady padme in her classy-elegant-heavy-red gown.don't forget...

mr jawajuice!(oh he looks soooo cute)and...

a slave leia!(i will get the normal one next time,leia)next is...

luke man!(with an extra large lightsaber)then it is...

Ham Han!and...

the hot blue one!and of ccourse...

uncle owen!(do you want aunt beru with you?)next is...

mesa jar jar!who's next...

master ti!last but not least...

ME!!!(what a pity my hair is a bit gross)
how is it eh? (obi,mace,qui,dooku,gg,palp,chewie,kit,barriss,sabe,thal,yaddle,mon and maul don't be disappointed okay?i'm doing my best to search for yours.)sadly,they cost all my money this month...qui can i have some free brownies?

Thursday, August 18, 2005


hey my typho you gave me the love potion secretly?so you tricked me eh?so you don't believe my words about obi and i eh?(if that is real i think jar jar is just so brilliant because i don't feel anything abnormal)i learn other language and choose a nice dress and make extra love cookies and...oh i don't remember anymore...did i learn lap dance,oola?i did my best to impress you! explain it!or else i would use my love cookies to make you fall in love in jar jar(i don't mean anything,dear jar's are cute,aren't you?)!!!i am furious now!!!*scream and grab the lightsaber*master yoda don't ever try to stop me!!!oh no i feel really sad actually*sob*...oola,please give me a tissue...*sob*

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

party at padme's

we had a great time last night and typho and i......emm nothing.this is what i wear last night:

isn't that elegant,classy,smart-looking,sexy,lovely,.........?and i played Twister with this dress on!( i wonder why palp always stared at me when i lift my dress up...)we had million of brownie and love cookies.everybody was soooooooo in love with each other after eating the love cookies.(fortunately i didn't fall in love with palp but he did fall in love with ani)i very much look forward to the next party!and the night with typho of course...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

a night with typho-any suggestion?

after the party at padme's she will go to naboo and typho will have a whole week off.and i decide to prepare something special for our night.padme suggested me to get some victoria's secret thing .i do think it's a very good suggestion but i am shy for that kind of thing.and typho may not be interested in that kind of thing.(hey have you tried it before with typho,padme?i am suspicious of that...)but if i don't do this,what should i do?it's my first date and i am nervous(okay obi and i didn't have any dates.everytime we went to a restaurant or movie he would be drunk so my so-called date would end as i carry him home.)should i ask oola to teach me some dance?should i ask qui to teach me to sing some rock songs?or should i ask master yoda to teach me talking backwards?(itIS a kind of special ability because it is amusing and typho might like that.)oh i am troubled....

Saturday, August 13, 2005!

so we lose again?AGAIN??? i risk the love from typho and all i get is THIS?and dear master yoda i AM NOT stealing.i am just trying to take it away from a kid. clear?
and some happy stuff.typho showed me the frustration photo to me and he was just sooooo cute. and padme is having a party!how exciting!it has been years from the last party which leia's cat went under obi's kilt.mmm what should i wear?it is a troubling question for a female jedi like me. may be i should seek some advice from dooku. of course,dear typho know,some man do not want his girl to wear sexy things.oh i gonna go to prepare my love cookies for the ya all!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

window/windu peeking

i peek into the window where windu was having his 'sensitivity training ' class with the padawans and ani.and what i saw is actually quite err...touching.
take a look:

is that CUTE?actually i mean the teddy.oww...i really wish i am in that class ...*bites a cookie*

Monday, August 08, 2005

attention guys and dolls

emmm...first aayla and kit please close your eyes.then others can continue on.
today i've got a really crazy and em....crazy pic to share with you all.please don't blink and stare at it for a while and you will find your mouth open and eyes wide.may be obi should close his eyes too. younglings too.

should i post it?aayla would be crazy but it is really a good pic.okay i will take a risk.
scroll down please...

see?i better go now.*runs away with a cookie*

Friday, August 05, 2005

what the...nevermind+2 palp photos

okay.i finally know why master adi adviced me not to go to the survivor game.i hate tribal council!(and i finally understand why the jedi council is the second-most-horrible council)and please mr.dooku,try to wipe the 'old chap' thing off your dictionary if you have one.wipe it out in your thesaurus too thank you very much.and master yoda,i do think it is unwise to fight with that dooku guy(just choke him with the force and jj wouldn't know that).as master adi has said,'a near dooku is better than a distant palp',just pretend not to hear him and everything would be fine.and talking about palp,i find 2 photo of him in qui's exclusive album and i think you guys will be interested:
first one~

nice eh?
second one features obi and ani(this one is nicer so scroll down a little bit)


here it goes~

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

qui-gon's exclusive photo album

according to qui-gon's word ,he has an exclusive album of emm...special photos.he kept it in 'A reinforced carbonadium casing, fire and rip proof, guarded by a dwarf rabbit called Daemon, hidden in the depths of a tear in time and space album.' i tried my best and successfully knock down Daemon and get the photo album. i choose some emmm... normal pictures and share them with you guys.
1)qui *hugs* obi

nice eh?and it prove my words AGAIN!!!
2)ah there's a sketch by err...i don't know...anyone know that signature at the left hand bottom?

3) this time is obi*hugs*qui(i wonder who take the photos for them)

so that's all for now*have a bite of the cookie*,i would try to find more 'watchable' photos from that album and it is going to be a hard job.

Monday, August 01, 2005

my photo album(1)

okay now everybody seems to like photo so i decided to some of my collection.
first one:now younglings stop looking-obi smoking

second one:emmm i love that kilt!-obi in kilt with a fluffy bag in front (that chef is a poor guy)

third one:aayla and oola with human make up and a baby...wait!oola has a baby?

oh that's it for now because i've got to take a look of my cookies.yep i am baking cookies.surprised?