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Sunday, July 31, 2005


emm...why is everyone so interested in my private life? let me make things clear:
1)i am NOT hitting on ani.
2)we are very close FRIENDS
3)padme is my dear FRIEND and i won't hit on her boyfriend
4)typho and i are developing our emm...relationship
5)obi is my close friend too. we seperate(this is not 'break up')because i think it is safer to stay a certain distance from an exhibitionist(and his exhibitionist master)
5)i am totally fine with my relationship with other people, either guys or dolls(i am not meaning anything else,okay?)
6) there something i didn't mention?em yeah qui-gon and obi. oh i better shut up about this...
7)emm that's it!

Friday, July 29, 2005

oh oh oh NO!!!

oh we lost!we lost!the challenge!and we've got to hurts so much to vote a fellow friend away.*sniff*that is horrible !we worked so hard in the challenge(errr...hello han!)but what we got is a tribal council!a tribal council!and we have to face j.j. for half an hour(err i don't mean anything, my dear j.j..oh and be careful because yoda leave something in the box.i wonder what it is...)!oh i must get some rest...i am losing my mind...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

yes yes yes !!!

(oh i guess i like the number three...) yeah! we ,the ooteeni tribe , won the first challenge! and we've got beer! beer! can you believe it? it's Old Mos Eisley beer! (okayokay,obi poor guy,i will stop.)wow it is just so refreshing! we hug and kiss and cheers and it is just so wonderful! and a big thank you to everyone especially my dear typho for his great plan. it's the craziest day i have ever had(except the day when i find out my ex has exhibitionism,and his dear master qui-gon too)!mmm...i wonder who will be voted off...

Friday, July 15, 2005


wow!that's hot(err...i mean the weather) i am in the Ooteeni Tribe with han, ani,master yoda,mace,padme ,dooku and typho.a good team,right?we have Tea Toddler,Fashion consultant,Security and three jedi masters(excuse me,i am also a master!)i am watching the well with typho and master yoda is having a beauty sleep with padme .isn't that cute?and i am glad i bring my own i-pod since i have no interest in ani's 'YO' songs. see you guys soon!

Monday, July 11, 2005

poor old obi

oh poor old guy... now trapped in the hospital...with nothing but aalya's teary flood...but i guess that is enough for him.hope he can get well soon! and hope he enjoy the uncle jinn's brownie!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

the sleepover

it's such a wonderful sleepover! except the piggy ride part .... honestly, i am as old as obi and it is not appropiate to have a piggy ride around the jedi temple at that age. it was a bit... how to say...embarrassing! but sadly, master windu seemed to like it ...
sabe,padme and leia are such funny girls! and actually i was not asleep when obi running around in his kilt. oh i have get used to it (obi always wore it in front of qui-gon when he was a padawan and i have seen it no less than 500 times) . and i do think the black one is a lovely one! look forward to the future sleepovers!and a big thanks to Aayla!